Promoting inclusive education

On the 24th of March, the Girona representatives of Talent Maker were invited to a conference on experiences to promote inclusive education and social inclusion organized by the Inclusive Education Master at the University of Girona.  El Pla school team explained their original project Talents; and how it has evolved […]

Talent Maker Anniversary

Last Monday, Talent Maker reached its first year. However, its origin dates back to October 2020, when the Education Technicians of the City Hall of Salt brought the University of Girona (UdiGitalEdu) in contact with El Pla School. Inspired by El Pla programme Talents, together they wrote a proposal for […]

Our 1st Transnational Meeting

In the first week of November, the University of Girona (UdiGitalEdu) team coordinated a face-to-face meeting in Craiova (Romania) to review the work done and discuss the following steps of the Talent Maker Project (Erasmus+). During the meeting, the partners visited one of the consortium schools (Constantin Ianculescu), discussed the Methodology (IO1) […]

Talent Maker a cooperation result

On the 8th of September, the Cathedra TEKHNÉ originated from the collaboration between the University of Girona (UdG) and the City Hall of Salt celebrated their first year with a Meeting in El Pla school (Salt, Spain).  In the meeting UdiGitalEdu, the research group in Education, Technology and Development Cooperation […]