"You learn at your best when you have something you care about and can get pleasure in being engaged in."

Howard Gardner


The Talent Maker project aims to reduce the unfair gap generated during lockdowns between schools with resources and a majority of local students and multicultural schools with fewer resources and wider class diversity.Its goal is helping multicultural elementary schools improve distance and face-to-face education through an innovative Methodology based on Maker Education and Talent Promotion.

The project promotes active and creative learning through Workshops at school and Digital Educative Capsules at home that children choose themselves, taking advantage of the talents of the school teachers: robotics, cooking, sewing, gardening, photography, DIY, and many more!


Talent promotion

In 1983, the evolution psychologist Howard Gardner and his Project Zero Harvard research group put on the table the Multiple Intelligences Theory with the publication of Frames of Mind. This pluralist mind perspective theory identifies eight types of intelligence that everyone possesses in different amounts. When one or two prevail, we call them talents. Therefore, it considers that we are the compound of our bits of intelligence, which are understood like our abilities to solve problems or mobilize knowledge to construct a valuable cultural product for our society. As well as, a means of expression.


maker education

The Maker Education awakes everyone’s inner motivation to create, design, modify, build or make things. It does it in an informal, playful and collaborative and, sometimes, functional way.  In the process, people use a learning network, their knowledge of different disciplines, to build up what they have imagined result of their interests or desires. Influenced by the culture DIY (Do It Yourself) or recently DIWO (Do it with other), the main benefits of the Maker Education are the development of an empowering sense of self and community that inspires all to shape our world.

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