See how Talent Maker team members from Spain, Romania and Greece and teachers trained in its Methodology from around Europe have experienced the project.

Meet the people behind our Greek and Romanian partners. Find out how they define Talent Maker and the meaning for their organisations. Discover what they consider are the benefits for their communities and much more.

How Engineers from the Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics at the University of Craiova took a different path and found passion and a source of inspiration as parents in participating in the Talent Maker partnerships for education.  

Delia,an English Teacher from the Liceul Tehnologic Constantin Ianculescu – implements the Talent Maker project in a small school in Cârecea, where 10% of her primary school pupils are represented by the Roma community. Talent Maker turned around her way of teaching as it allows her children to feel part of something by recognising their potential and, therefore, their capability.

When God made us, made us part of a huge world. Talent Maker, actually, gives you the opportunity to be able to say: This is my place in the world. This is what I am good at.

Delia-Mihaela Pîrvu
English Teacher

Going from school backpacks full of books to dirty hands and a heart full of memories. The Elementary State School Alikarnassou welcomes families and students of different social, economic and educational backgrounds, as well as refugee students from Syria and Afghanistan. As his headteacher states, they are longing for a change that leaves books behind and bets for experiential education.   

Kostas,an experienced European Projects’ Coordinator for social inclusion from Action Synergy – collaborates in the integration of the Talent Maker project in Primary Education practices in a systemized way in order to transfer it to teachers with similar contexts in Greece and all over Europe.

“Talent Maker for me and my school is a new beginning, a new era because I think we have to change something in our education and Talent Maker will help us in this direction.”

Nikolaos Antonopoulos