Talent Maker Day 5th

On the 5th of May, the Talent Maker consortium hosted Talent Maker Day in the three schools involved in the project in Greece, Romania and Spain.

During the event, not only each organisation introduced the project, its journey and its results to the attendees, including teachers, school principals and policymakers, but also put on a day to remember for all participants.

Concretely, in Escola El Pla (Salt, Spain), upper primary pupils, with the teachers’ support, organised a talent fair in the morning, where kindergarten children and attendees could observe Talent Maker workshops demos and some of their final products.

Then, after a brief formal presentation of the project, there was a round table discussion to listen to pupils, teachers and the school board about the experience of implementing an Erasmus+ project like Talent Maker and its benefits for education. The reunion finished with a standing lunch.

We are sure that Talent Maker Day inspired the attendees to reflect on the future of talent promotion and Maker Education in academic contexts and the transversal use of creative technologies considering the needs of multicultural schools in Europe.

With that event, the partnership gave closer to this two-year Project which they will keep carrying out without European funding.