Talent Maker Methodology

The Talent Maker project puts forward a new Methodology (Output 1) that blends Talent-based learning and cutting-edge Maker Education approaches in order to improve face-to-face and distance education in multicultural elementary schools.

This combination has taken further the Talents project, our inspiration, already being carried out by El Pla School. Moreover, because of our other partner schools, we are testing it in different contexts and communities (migrants in Spain, refugees in Greece and minorities in Romania), which will allow us to ensure its transferability.

Work in progress…

Theoretical Framework

1. Talent Based Learning 1.1-Our knowledge about learning today

1.2-Historical unidimensional intelligence perspective

1.3-Theory of Multiple Intelligences

1.3.1- Intelligences development

1.3.2- The intelligences

1.4 A good practice: The Talent project in l’Escola el Pla

2. Maker Education



2.3-Lifelong Kindergarten

2.4-Creative Thinking Spiral


2.6-DIY or DIWO

2.7-Inspirational projects

From Theory to Practice

1. School organization 1.1-Before Covid-19

1.2-After Covid-19

1.3-The future

2. Learning environment

3. Teacher role

4. Pupils role

5. Educative Capsules

5.1-Digital Educative Capsules

6. Activity development

7. Connection with the curriculum

8. Evaluation